May: Gaby Koss will go on with Diskelion and will start working of new songs. Sadly Tom Harris parts way with Diskelion.  The name was invented and created a long time ago for another folk metal project until it was used for this symphonic metal project.

Januray: Let the new year begin 😉 Rock Hard in Italy :



Dezember: Many new reviews at different magazines you can read on the Facebook page of Diskelion.

September : Read Tom and Gabys Interview about the Debut CD Diskelion: “Remember Sorrow” at Blackpheonixrising!

Some great reviews have come up in August : “Hails Diskelion, Metal Greetings from the UK \m/ Here’s a link to a review of your debut album ‘Remember Sorrow’ courtesy of the Black Phoenix Rising Metal Forum …. ”
.. “This is a great album with solid arrangements, great songs and a variety of very powerful female vocals. If you like heavy symphonics and orchestrations combined with soaring operatic style vocals then this album is a must for your collection …… “… Toms guitar solos are excellent..”

“…This album is without doubt one of the best albums I have heard this year along with enkElination’s “Tears Of Lust”.
On five of the nine tracks we have dual female vocals which makes this release much more unique than other Symphonic Metal releases.
Not a duff track in sight with excellent writing, arrangements, musicianship and vocals making this album a must purchase. Great cover too!

To sum up Symphonic Metal does not get any better than this excellent album. I hear that this band still has no record deal which I find absolutely amazing. Come on all you record labels what the hell are you playing at!!….”

A great review at :

A review in spanish :

A blogspot for our spanish speaking fans of the new Diskelion Album…
strangly with another band pic…


July: Waiting for the booklet to be finished plus waiting for replies of labels. Allready being played at 2 metal radio stations. Flollow us also on fb:

June: Mastering of the CD : Remember Sorrow – Finish ! Ready to go!

Right now looking for a label and waiting for the booklet to be finished!

May : Recording of my rest vocals plus Mix

April : Recording vocals of Hannah Wagner – Saeldes Sanc

March: Recording vocals of Julie Deletoile – Kosmic Vortex

February : Recording vocals of Kerstin Bischof – Ex Xandria

January – Recording vocals of Zuberoa – Diabulus in Musica




November: Vocal – Recording of 3 more songs in the Helionstudios

October: Daniel and Jean – Marie are recording Viola

September  : Gaby recorded 2 more songs

August: Alberts flute session in the studio 🙂

May : Manu finished drum – recordings


Dez. 2012

Sebastin finished bass recordings. Manu allready has done 4 songs.

Oct. 2012

Tom and Gaby got to know each other personal…:-) when Tom finished song composing and Sebastian (Symbolic) started recording the bass files as also Manu (Ex-Equilibrium) started recording the drums on the songs…


Tom Harris Guitar player from England got in contact with Gaby via facebook and Tom sent a song to Gaby. She recorded it as a Demo and asked him if he could write more.. so they decided to do a project together. Within the next months Tom wrote the whole album of Music…